Solex Energy Ltd

Solex Energy Ltd

We supply our solar roofing products to installers and property owners. We specialise in providing solar power in exisiting or new traditional slate roofs. We aim to provide a long lasting, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions to sustianable roofing projects.


Solex PV Electric Tiles

Solex solar pv electric tiles work just like solar panels by converting sunlight into electricity which can be used to power your home or business efficiently.

These solar tiles replace or make-up the roof covering of the building and form a weatherproof, weathertight and safe tiled roof. The Solex tiles fully integrate into the roof covering to create the seamless finish of a traditional slate roof.

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Solex Thermal Roofing

Our solar heating roof system is made up of glass solar slates and solar absorbers. This system can be used for hot water, space heating and pool heating applications.

The design allows the glass solar slates to perform two functions - as a waterproof roof covering, and to allow solar energy to pass through. Beneath these slates our heating absorbers carry the hot water around the roof where it collects the sun's energy and transfers into your home's heating system.

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