PV Tiles

Solex PV Tiles

Our new innovative solar roof tiles provide electrictiy for your home or business whilst blending in seamlessly with your roof. The modules provide emmission-free electricity to offset rising energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally any surplus solar energy can be fed to the grid or stored in a battery for later use.


per Square Meter

Our high efficent solar modules are supplied on a low cost and short lead time basis

per kW

Solex electric roofs provide a generation capacity per square meter greater than most solar panel systems.

Flexibility within Design

The tiles can be fitted to cover the whole roof covering from edge to edge. Our design allows coverage all they way from the eaves to the ridge and out to the verge and hip/valleys. Alternatively our tiles interlock with natrual slates for solar roofing projects installed as a patch or strip.

Durable Roof Structure

Solex Tiles make up a strong weatherproof and weathertight roof covering which is designed for a lifespan of over 25 years. Our clipping system is designed to withstand large wind loads and high rainfall.

Seamless Appearance

Planning authorties look favourably on our solar roof systems due to the seamless appearance of the roof.

Highly Efficient

The performance of our pv tile modules is on par with high efficency solar panels with a generation capacity of 185 W/m2.