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Coming Soon for Trade - Solex Energy Photovoltaics BIPV

Building Integrated Photovoltaic BIPV

For those who are new to building integrated photovoltaics, no need to worry, this is just a fancy word for solar panels which are also part of the roof structure. Our new pv roof tiles will not only be designed to produce electrcity whilst also being part of a strong roof structure. They also aim to reduce the aesthetic damage usually assoicated with residential solar panel and roof mounting projects. Our pv tiles (pv shingles) are designed to fit any lapped roofing material. They also are fixed straight onto a conventional timber batten with our innovative hook and clipping system.

PV Roof Tiles / PV Shingles

The pv roof tiles are designed to make installation flexibile in size as they can be strung together to however small or however large the project is. Our bipv roofing system can be installed as a whole roof, patch or strip. The bipv roof tiles will withstand extreme weather conditions aswell as have cabling protected from pests. These factors along with good quality design ensure our Solex bipv tiles will make up a long lasting and strong electric roof.