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>>>  2013 Pricing: Solar Thermal Slates from £75/m
2  <<<

We are now offering our 600 Series Solar Slates at discounted prices (previously £130/m2).  Prices include all slates, clips, fixings, absorber and insulation (does not include manifolds).

System Size £
< 12m2 £105/m2
12m2 > 35m2 £95/m2
35m2 > 100m2 £85/m2
 > 100m2 £75/m2

At these prices the typical payback time on the components is as low as 5 years when replacing gas, and 18 months when replacing electrical heating! And this is not including any grants or RHI incentives.

Please enquire for details.

SOLAR SLATES ...   totally roof integrated solar heating

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